Compound Garden


Last spring I started growing things in metal stock tanks in the middle of the shipping container compound (above)… this spring the garden is going full force.  Three tanks are filled with greens (two are mine, and one is Emmett’s) and we will soon add a fourth for a summer crop of tomatoes and cucumbers.  The prepper in me sometimes wishes for more room,  but the high metal sides do a really good job of keeping the critters out.  And I’ve been wanting to read up on vertical gardening and square foot gardening to see if there is a way to maximize the space that we already have.


S0120981 One great thing about the garden is green smoothies every morning.  Our friend Kartz (one of my big-time heroes) battled brain cancer with kale juice, and got me interested in the alkaline diet last time she came for a visit – I’ve been thinking that I need to write about diets soon, and all of the different ones that people I know prescribe to.  (there are a lot!)



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  1. Andrea, Check out John Kohler video’s on utube or his web site. Fabulous..

  2. Love the containers! I’m doing fairly extensive container gardening here in San Diego using redwood and some of the square foot garden methods. Did you drill holes in the bottom?

    • andrea zittel

      No holes, because in the desert holding the water in is more important then getting it out. The stock tanks also have a small drain hole that I’ve opened up after really heavy rainfall…. Thanks!

      • Yeah, I would think the metal would get so hot that it would dry out the dirt…I love the idea. Your Kale looks great. Not sure about the taste of that smoothie 🙂

        BTW I met you at SDSU when we were both there – you worked at ART etc. I married Reggie Meredith, but when I went to grad school she stayed in Samoa.

        Your work is an inspiration 🙂

        I ended up becoming a teacher.

        Maybe I’ll take one of your tours…


        Jeff Prentice

        • andrea zittel

          Thank you! I thought your name sounded familiar – it’s really nice to see what you have been up to. (sorry the reply took so long – I’ve been in Europe with little internet access)


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